Wilderness Cruises

Looking for a boat experience with a difference? An adventuring trip with us will leave you with a lifetime of memories to treasure.

Wilderness Cruises (Slow Adventuring)

Loch Nevis – A scenic cruise that heads north up Loch Nevis, stopping at Inverie and Airor.
Passengers can expect a wealth of experiences from this trip, from the looming, romantic landscapes
and diverse wildlife to the rich sites of local and natural history and the cosy, rural settings. A perfect
way to experience the landscapes and culture of the Scottish Highlands.


The Gavin Maxwell Experience –  A trip themed around the writer Gavin Maxwell’s
autobiography, Ring of Bright Water. This trip offers a relaxing day at Sandaig bay and Airor. Visitors
experience a day of beachcombing, line-fishing, and a beach barbeque, but also refreshing walks
along the shoreline and back into the woods, otter-watching and an introduction to Maxwell’s
biography. All this is neatly capped off with home-baking and teas and coffees at Airor.


Eilean Donan Castle  – A trip leaving from either Inverie or Mallaig, heading up the Kyle narrows
to the Medieval island castle of Eilean Donan. This package offers the postcard-perfect landscape of
mountains and sea lochs and guided tours of the castle itself, providing a not only a great chance to
learn about both Jacobite and modern history, but to experience them too. Rounding off this day is
a trip to Isleornsay, where visitors can enjoy local cuisine, traditional music and art, locally-vatted
malt whiskies and more.


Isle of Canna – A day trip out to the smallest island in the inner Hebrides, Canna. Here visitors are
taken all around the island: shown landscape and beaches, the ruins and early settlements and
structures scattered there and the colonies of puffins and nests of fishing eagles, to name only a few
things to see. This day is capped off by the delicious, heart-warming cooking in the café Canna ,
including a fresh-caught lobster dinner.


Things to expect from any Minch Adventures trip — Every cruise with Minch Adventures is unique
and tailored to you and your needs as a visitor, but in any of our cruises you can look forward to
chances to: feed local seals by hand, line-fish from the boat or the shoreline and even to haul up
your own lobster and crab creels from the seabed.

Your safety is our highest priority.

Professionally MCA coded vessel. Skipper with 25+ years of sea experience and deep sea fishing.
All coded safety equipment.