Venture off the beaten track

Visit remote inaccessible places, fish and forage, cook your catch on board our vessel or on a remote beach over an open fire.

Share traditional skills, local knowledge and storytelling. We bring to life Scotland’s West Coast Hebridean treasures.

Experience nature at a slower immersive pace…the options are endless.

Our Philosophy.

We don’t focus on one activity but amalgamate a variety of experiences to make trips personal and unforgettable.

Our Boat.

Deluxe 40ft vessel Cygnus Cyfish, guests can also stay on board for an exclusive experience adventure.

Making your adventures personal.

Your guide, Billy, has a hunger for adventure and an appreciation of his marine environment…he also enjoys the simple things in life!

Billy’s passion and enthusiasm combined with his unique local knowledge and storytelling will leave you with a lifetime of memories to treasure.

What are you waiting for?

Even the unpredictable weather couldn’t stop us having the time of our lives with Billy from Minch Adventures. His stories, recommendations and connection with the local community and history made our trip unforgettable

We spent a day with Billy on his boat yesterday. We had a fantastic time. A  highlight was mackerel caught by Billy while we were in Rum, cooked on board and served with a wonderful peaty whiskey.

Billy was a great host, energetic, interesting and full of good humour.

We cannot recommend this experience highly enough. If you want to get close to wildlife in the West Highlands and catch your own supper in the company of someone with infectious enthusiasm for the area then you won’t be disappointed.