Luxury Seafood Lunch.

Our local coastal waters produces the finest seafood around which is exported all over Europe as it is in high demand.

All our produce is sourced locally and, in most cases, just pulled from the sea so is most likely the freshest ingredients you will ever taste.

The type of seafood you are going to experience could consist of the following depending on availability, langoustines, scallops, lobster, dressed brown crab, Silver Sands dry smoked salmon, smoked salmon, smoked mackerel pate and smoked cheeses. All accompanied with a freshly prepared salad, cheeses, oat cakes and crackers all washed down with a glass of wine or light refreshment.

Costs £50 per person dined on aboard the vessel, at selected anchorages.

Billy holds a certificate for level 2 – food safety and hygiene for catering.