Your Guide.

Hello, my name is Billy, and I’ll be your guide and skipper for your slow adventure trips along Scotland’s north-western coast.

I grew up on Scotland’s west coast and have spent the majority of my life on the water, 35 years as a fisherman and skipper with thousands of hours under my belt in our local waters. I am well-versed in the hidden treasures of our coastal waters. I am proud of my vessel, Cyfish, as well as the successful collaborations I have with other local businesses that help me deliver a memorable trip for visitors to the area.

I have a strong desire for adventure as well as the simpler things in life. Canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, walking, and good food and drink are all options. To share my enthusiasm for the local area’s hidden treasures, I purchased a charter vessel…Minch Adventures was born!

Over the years, we have developed a specialised and one-of-a-kind charter vessel service, unlike any other in Scotland. We take every opportunity to spoil you and provide unforgettable trips for our guests. We personalise each trip by listening to your needs and tailoring the itinerary accordingly. Our diverse range of itineraries cater to all ages, from grandparents to children, and allow guests to gain hands-on experience. My wife Eileen, who is the Manager of the local bank, joins us on occasion. Eileen doubles as your guide at every opportunity, looking after your wife or partner while you are busy fishing!! Her personality can light up a room, and she’s also a fantastic cook…!

Colin Biddulph, our walking guide and part-time crew member, has served in the Army, the Police Force, and as a teacher of Geography. He has been a qualified Mountain Leader for 30 years and has led groups throughout the Scottish hills as well as on youth expeditions in remote mountainous areas around the world. As our guide on our walks, he will be responsible for route finding, your safety, and providing information about the history and natural history of the areas we visit.

So, if you’re looking for something unique…something special, come join us on a cruise along the North West Coast of the Scottish Highlands.

Guaranteed, guests will leave with a lifetime of memories to cherish!!!