4x4 Tours

Minch Adventures can provide 4×4 access to the Isle of Rum’s national nature reserve as part of our trips to the island. This service is wholly unique to Minch Adventures thanks to the permission granted us by Scottish National Heritage. We provide unparalleled access to Rum, for up to 7 passengers, for wildlife tours, trout-fishing in the hill lochs and picnics on the beaches. The destinations on the island are to Harris Bay and Kilmory beach.

Ranger Wildlife Tours

Over the past few years, we have worked hard to establish and maintain contacts with the local wildlife rangers on the islands of Eigg, Rum and Canna. This means it is possible to arrange for guided wildlife tours of these islands as part of our trips, providing our visitors with an even richer experience of these lovely islands.

Fishing, Beach combing and cooking the catch.

Many of our trips at Minch Adventures offer the chances for fishing, beach-combing and cooking what we catch. This draws directly on Bill’s exceptional skill and talent for line fishing both in freshwater and at sea. The area boasts a wide variety of saltwater fish: mackerel, saith, pollock and ballan wrasse, large spur dogs in Loch Hourn, thornback rays and creeling for crabs and lobsters. Bill’s opinion is that the best trout-fishing in Scotland is on the Isle of Rum and is offered as part of trips to that island. Bill’s proficiency in dry fly-fishing is testified to by his years of competitive experience in the sport; there can be few people in the area better qualified enjoy the sport with or to teach beginners. The best months for sea fishing are July to October and the best months for freshwater fishing are Mid-April to October.

Combing the beaches of the island is a relaxing pastime and ideal for children. Picking along the shore and inspecting rock pools can yield such discoveries as cockles and mussels to collect as well as amusing little sea creatures such as crabs, goby fish and butterfish in the rockpools and under the weed.

At the end of the day our vessel is equipped to allow you to cook your own catch. The popular methods of doing so are smoking the catch over whiskey chips or on a barbeque on the beach. Lobsters can be cooked onboard as well.

Local knowledge & storytelling

The some 30 years Bill worked as a fisherman on this coastline means he has more knowledge of the waters around the small isles than most and, moreover, this life has furnished him with many local stories and personal experiences. After leaving fishing and starting up Minch Adventures Bill set about exploring the area and gathering local stories and knowledge. On all of Minch Adventures’ trips and cruises Bill tries to bring this to bear on the experience. Part of the reason Bill started Minch Adventures was a love of connecting with people, sharing his personal experiences and stories from his years fishing, local and natural history, Jacobite history, World War II history and geology of the area.