Isle of Rum Adventure

If you want to experience Scotland off the beaten track then this is for you!

“Family trip on the Rum Adventure – exceeded expectations. Billy was an amazing host – his knowledge and passion for: the sea; the island history and wildlife; and of course the fly fishing was exceptional. Our kids (14 yr old and 12 yr old) loved the whole day and this was topped off with the fishing and hauling crab pots at days end. Feeding mackerel to the harbour seals really clinched it. This was the highlight of our three week Scotland trip.”

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This adventure begins at the Mallaig Yacht pontoons and takes you across sapphire-blue waters onboard our vessel, Cyfish, the island  of Rum was once an under water super volcano, which is believed to have erupted 65 million years ago… This trip will take you past the Sound of Sleat and Loch Slapin, providing breath-taking views of the Isle of Skye and journey deep into the heart of Rum.  Depending on the weather and time of year, there is a chance to see porpoises, common dolphins, Minke whales, and a variety of sea birds, particularly the Manx Shearwater, which rafts up in large numbers from July to October.

Once on Rum’s shores, you will be treated to a one-of-a-kind 4×4 journey through Glen Kinloch and across the island’s nature reserve to its western side as part of a guided tour that allows you to marvel at the landscape, the mist-strewn Rum Cullin mountain range, local wildlife, including Rum’s famous red deer population, Highland cow’s and Wild ponies which are believed to have inhabited the island for over a thousand years.

The tour will include stops at the unusual Greek-styled Mausoleum, the folly of John Bullough, at Harris Bay on the west side of Rum, as well as Kilmory Bay on the northeast side of the island, which has an unrivalled view across the water to the Cullin of Skye. From September the atmosphere in Kilmory glen is electric, echoing with the stags baritone calls. Rum has an amazing stag rut, we’ve seen a few fights,  When they’re evenly matched they really do give it their all…. Guests can stop here for photo opportunities of the stags and then return to the vessel to dine on a luxury seafood lunch, which will be served onboard at the end of the 4×4 tour.

This is just a taste of what you can expect from the Rum Adventure: a once-in-a-lifetime experience on what is possibly Scotland’s most captivating island, where the mist-covered mountain slopes still hum with mystery after so many years…

This exclusive package has limited availability!! only 15 excursions available each season

Tailored private group experience price from:  4hrs £675.00. 6hrs £950.00. 8hrs £1150.00. 4×4 £150.00. Seafood  £75.00PP